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Live Sound and Lighting

Our scalable live sound rigs can be customized to suit your event. Our rig features a 32 channel Allen & Heath Qu-32 digital mixing console, as well as a 40 channel Allen & Heath GL3300 analog mixer and several smaller mixers to suit your event. Pushing up to almost 30,000 watts, our system can accommodate small to large events. 

  • Send us your technical rider, or allow us to help you discern what you need for your event. 

  • We have worked in large and small venues with all levels of performers and presenters.  We will configure a system for you that will make you look and sound great.

  • Budget control is always a consideration.  Our team will be on time, professional and experienced.

  • We are experienced with musicals, theater, concerts, motivational presenters, educational events and multimedia presentations.

Our lighting rig consists of a general stage wash and uplighting to ensure your event will look as great as it sounds.


If an even larger sound system or more extensive light show is required, no problem! We have affiliates in all levels of sound and lighting.

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