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Industry Quality; Budget Friendly Recording

Sonlight Productions offers various recording packages to suit your needs...and budget! At a satisfaction guaranteed $50/hr for recording, mixing, and mastering, Sonlight Productions is one of The Greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas' most affordable studios and our price to quality comparison is next to none. With a quality guarantee, Contact us today to see how we can fit your budget, and be sure to check out our Special Packages.

From singles, to EP's, to full-blown albums, our engineers and producers are highly knowledgeable and will work with you to make your dream project a reality. We offer studio and on-location recording services that will all be mixed and mastered in-house. Need further instrumentation for your project? We work with many studio musicians that can add guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, horns, strings, and more to your project.

Our studio is able to offer various recording processes to accommodate your style. Whether you like to record all parts separately or at the same time, we have all the capabilities to help your creativity thrive.

We can help you plan out your project and offer advice on getting CD's made and your tracks distributed online.

Already have your tracks recorded and need them mixed/mastered? Give us the stem files, and we will mix/master them for $50/hr as well! 

We also offer minimal in-house video services to record a basic YouTube video, such as a drum cover. We have affiliates that have extensive video recording services.

Curious about what to expect? Check out our 27 Tips Before Entering a Recording Studio. 

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