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Our Studio

Our beautiful studio features an acoustically sound and treated console room, vocal booth, drum booth, main room, and a lobby/lounge. We offer great isolation and are able to accommodate multiple instruments recording at the same time with nearly complete isolation.


Our drum room features a high end 6 piece DW drum kit with multiple snares and cymbals to choose from. You may also bring your own snare, cymbals, and hardware! 

We run the latest version of ProTools with an impressive array of microphones, software plugins, and hardware pre-amps and compressors to help achieve the sound you want.


We mix and master using the latest plugins from Izotope, McDSP, Avid, and more.


Our hardware includes an Avid C24 Mixing Console as well as various pre-amps from Universal Audio, Vintech, SSL, and Rupert Neve Designs.


Our impressive microphone selection includes top models from Shure, AKG, Peluso, Royer, Sennheiser, and more. 

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