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Special Recording Packages

Trial Package-$30 for One Hour: If you’re not sure that recording at a studio is right for you, try our trial package. This includes one hour of studio time at a discounted rate for whatever you would like to use it for. Try things out. Bring in your own equipment. The hour is yours for the having.

Karaoke Package-$50/Song: Do you enjoy singing along with your favorite songs? Ever wonder what it would sound like if you recorded the vocals? Now’s your chance! Bring in a karaoke version of your favorite song, and we’ll use our state of the art equipment to add your singing into the mix. Bring in one song, or try your best with an entire album. It’s entirely up to you.

Spoken Voice Package-$45/Hr: Are you just looking for a voice? Maybe you want to record an audio version of that book you just finished writing. Maybe you want a professional speech recorded so it can be played back whenever you want. Whatever your needs we can make you sound clear, crisp, and professional.

Live Gig Package: If you already do a bunch of live gigs, why not give this a try? Hire us to do your sound at your next live gig, and we’ll give you 1 full recording session (including the mix and master) for one song with your band/ensemble. Similarly, if you would like to come do a recording session with us, we would be happy to run one live gig for you (minimum of $1000 total charge for recording time needed to qualify for this package).

Music Lessons Package-$35/Lesson: Don’t forget, we offer music lessons right from the studio itself! Everyone has a story about how they’ve always wanted to play an instrument, now’s your chance! It’s time to buckle down and learn the guitar, bass, piano, or dust off that saxophone from the attic and give it a try. Lessons for various instruments offered. And right now, if you are taking lessons through the studio, you can have one song professionally recorded!

Refer a Friend Discount-10% Off: If you refer someone to our studio, and that someone comes in for a paid recording session, then that person will receive a 10% discount for that session. Additionally, you will also receive a 10% discount for your next session. It’s a win-win!

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